Now Accepting FSA and HSA Cards!

At Country Massage, we are now accepting medical FSA and HSA debit cards as methods of payment. Do you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) as a part of your health insurance plan? Did you know it can be used for massage therapy? For those that don’t know what these are I’ll break it down!

A flexible spending account is an account that can be set up through an employer’s benefit plan. The card allows the employee to save a portion of their income to pay for medical/ non-medical expenses that are listed under the plan. This money cannot be taxed and is taken from the employee’s income, however, if the money is not used by the end of the year then it is gone. To qualify, you must be an employee for a company that has adopted the “Federal Flexible Benefits Plan or FedFlex.”

A health savings account is slightly different in that it is available to taxpayers who have an “HSA-qualified high deductible health plan.” This card is similar to an FSA card with the exception that funds are not lost at the end of the plan’s year. The money in the account is rolled over from year to year! Also, some tax advantages are that the employee isn’t taxed at the time of the deposited funds. To qualify, you must have a high-deductible health plan, no other form of health insurance, and cannot be listed as a dependent on someone’s tax return.

With FSA cards, the employee can use all of the available funds at any point in the year. If the employee is no longer working for the company the funds in the account do not have to be paid back. In a high deductible health plan the employee pays a lower premium. In a HSA, the plan will usually cover up to 100% of the medical costs without coinsurance. Since there’s no deadline to use the funds, the employee has the benefit of using tax-free health care and tax-deferred retirement.

Country Massage accepts FSA and HSA cards as payment but if you’re uncertain of your available funds and benefits please inquire before the appointment with your plan’s representatives. Having a prescription for massage therapy is always the first thing I like to recommend to ensure you are not paying any unnecessary out of pocket costs. I look forward to working with you and as always feel free to ask any questions via phone call or email.

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