Deep-Tissue & Trigger point therapy

Deep-tissue massage shares some traits with Swedish massage but it shouldn’t be mistaken as “Swedish but deeper.” Every massage therapist has their own style, techniques, and experience, and while a client may think they prefer deep-tissue (because their past experiences were too light or ineffective,) I encourage the client to be their own advocate during the session to communicate whether they need me to go lighter or deeper. 

If you’re looking for a strictly relaxing experience, please look to other modalities! The techniques used are for breaking up scar tissue, breaking down adhesions and trigger points, working with fascia (thin lining over muscles,) and improving range of motion. 

Although Swedish techniques are used it really is an integrative massage as I pull together all I know for the best results. For the first part of the session I use Shiatsu (Japan) where the literal translation is “finger pressure.” I then like to include tui na (China) techniques where I gently pull and grasp your skin with my hands. I integrate active muscle energy release, myofascial release, and passive range of motion. When I start 

to use oil I’ll use lighter pressure with the palms of my hands to release tension and warm up your muscles. I take into consideration the common trigger point areas and locate the source of pain if unknown. To learn about trigger points click here. 

 I don’t believe in “no pain no gain.” If you’re getting this massage you’re likely already in pain! Throughout the session I work slowly and safely for maximum therapeutic benefit and minimal post-massage soreness. It’s normal to have minor soreness and stiffness after a deep-tissue massage but it is not normal for it to last beyond the first day or so. 
I communicate throughout the session so I know what gives you discomfort or pain. A common myth is that pain means the massage is working. If a massage therapist is doing deep-tissue work too fast then the body tenses up reflexively which makes it harder to reach the muscles and if the therapist uses force to get deeper, it will bruise you. 
 Deep-tissue and Trigger point therapy aren’t appropriate for certain medical conditions which is why filling out your intake form honestly and accurately is important. 


$70 for 60 minutes
$100 for 90 minutes
$120 for 120 minutes