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Cancer. It affects us all. Whether it touches you or your family, your teacher, boss, or friend, it is something we can all feel strongly about. Recently I read about a massage therapist offering a pay-it-forward program in her practice for members of the community to donate anonymously toward a session for someone in need without the financial means.

Inspired by this, I’m starting the Just Keep Swimming Fund at Country Massage. You can donate online, send a check, or visit in person. Depending on the contributions, I will have a list of suggested persons that I pick from each month for a session in the amount donated.

When you’re dealing with cancer you’re not just dealing with pain but healthcare costs, loss of work, and emotional stress. With the start of Just Keep Swimming, I am now contributing any gratuities given from clients toward the fund. 

I am hoping this fund will help make massage accessible to those directly dealing with cancer, who are going through treatment, healing from surgery, or coping with the emotional stress of it all. If you know someone with cancer please suggest their name when checking out in the Notes section. I will update the amount in the fund on the website so at anytime you can see the fund amount.

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