Before the Massage: Embarrassing Questions

The following are questions and answers to some common subjects you may be too self-conscious to ask! 

I didn’t shave my legs! Is that ok?

Of course it is! It’s your body and you shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for it.

My feet are sweaty/stinky/dirty after a day at work. What should I say?

I expect clients to come into a session with good hygiene but understand when things come up and if your feet are visibly dirty I can massage through the sheet or skip the feet altogether. It’s always nice to get a heads-up though so that I can supply you with a hot washcloth and a dab of peppermint oil to clean up/deodorize right before!

What if I bleed on the sheets?

If you have an open wound or are infectious or have a bandage please let me know before the session. If you have a menstrual leak don’t feel embarrassed as sheets and equipment can be cleaned! 

Will I leak breast milk during the massage?

Sometimes during massage a woman who is breastfeeding can experience “let-down” or feel their breasts begin to leak because the same feel-good chemicals we experience during a relaxing massage are the same a mother feels while breastfeeding her baby. If you let me know ahead of time I can supply you with a towel to place over your chest and I have disposable breast pads available on request. Country Massage is a breastfeeding-friendly business and if you need to pump or express before/after the session please feel free to do so! 

I feel a cold coming on. Should I come in for my massage or cancel?

If you feel like you’re becoming sick or under the weather reschedule for another day. I won’t charge for canceling due to illness or emergencies. If it’s a minor cold I can provide tissues just be prepared for nose leakage if you are face-down as it releases the sinuses! Ask me about essential oils beneficial for immune system.

Do I leave my underwear on?

Dress down to YOUR comfort level. This can mean something different to everyone. If you are happy to strip down to underwear that’s fine. If you would like to keep your bra on that’s fine too! If you prefer keeping clothes on or just taking shirt off I can work with that as well. Massaging on the table doesn’t mean you need to be nude. 

I have large breasts and it’s uncomfortable to lie face-down but I want my back massaged. Should I say something?

Please do! I have cushions and pillows and can work with you on getting comfortable but I also can massage your back in the side-line position with you lying on your hip. 

Do I get undressed in front of the massage therapist?

I give each client privacy to undress and position themselves on the table. I am not in the room while you get undressed and redressed. 

Will I be exposed during the massage?

On the table I only uncover the body part I’m working on and cover the rest with a top sheet/blanket. This ensures you remain warm and safe and secure. You should never feel “exposed” during the massage. Please let me know at any time during the session if you do.

What if I fall asleep during the massage?

It happens to a lot of people. I will continue the massage if you do doze off and tap you lightly on the shoulder if/when I need to.

Can I drink alcohol or use marijuana before the session?

With anything, don’t indulge to excess. If you are visibly impaired or smelling like either substance I will ask you to reschedule for another time. 

Do I tip?

Any gratuities are welcome but not expected. Gratuities go toward the Just Keep Swimming Fund for a community member in need to receive a free massage.

I have PTSD and can be triggered by certain sounds/smells/touch. Should I mention this?

When booking online and filling out health information you have the option to check that you have past trauma or are an abuse survivor. When I see you in person I will ask if there are certain triggers to avoid but will not try to dig into your personal history. For example, ambience music with sounds of thunderstorms may trigger military veterans. The smell of lemons may trigger someone’s traumatic childhood memory. Touch can be healing for most but for some it can be anxiety-inducing. Let me know how I can accommodate you. 

What if I get an erection during the massage?

It happens. An erection is a biological response. If it happens I will not mention it, nothing needs to be said, and the massage will continue. Each client reads and signs a policy and notification form about inappropriateness and the boundaries between a therapist and the client. Any untoward behavior which includes joking about “happy endings” is not tolerated and the session will end immediately. 





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