Are you allergic?

In the new client paperwork there is a section asking if you have any allergies. Please be honest about any allergies you may have which include FOOD. Sometimes people have an allergy or sensitivity to heat, smells, or certain ingredients in lotions and oils. Allergic to eucalyptus? Let me know. Allergic to NUTS? Please tell me.

There is a difference between preferring organic, plant-based vegan products (which I offer) and having a known allergy. I use different lotions and creams but my most-used oil is sweet almond oil. It’s my favorite! It’s fragrance-free, one ingredient, has nice glide, soaks into thirsty skin and is a great carrier oil for adding essential oils.

However, if you have a nut allergy it becomes potentially very bad if you omit that fact from your medical history. Because of this I ask after you filled out the paperwork and right before the massage if you have a nut allergy. Sometimes people get very chatty and maybe don’t hear me the first or second time I ask so I ask a third time. I am very careful and respectful of people’s allergies. My own child has an epinephrine pen for severe allergies so I tread carefully.

I offer quality nut-free options and try to accommodate to everyone that needs alternative lotion/oil. I will be considering going completely nut-free in the future if this becomes an issue. Your safety and well-being are my greatest concern and getting a massage should be a relaxing stress-free time.

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