What to expect when it’s your first massage

If you’ve never had a professional massage it helps to know what to expect during that first session.

lf you’re a new client I’ll ask that you come 10 minutes early to fill out a basic health history form so that we can meet and discuss your reasons for the massage and answer any questions you may have.

If you’re receiving a chair massage I will show you how to sit on the chair and I’ll adjust it to your comfort. You will be fully clothed and I just recommend you not wear a necklace or dangling earrings. A chair massage is 30 minutes long and focuses on the back, neck, and shoulders. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to massage to see if it’s right for you and a good option for those needing to take a respite during a busy day.

For table massage I will leave the treatment room for a few minutes while you dress down to your comfort level. I will knock and enter when you are ready. As a massage therapist it’s my job to give a relaxing and effective massage and if you’re uncomfortable and tense because you feel exposed then I can’t do my job. So I like to stress that you don’t need to remove clothing to get a good massage. It just means I will use different techniques and won’t be able to use lotion or oil for a smooth glide. Some people take everything off and some people keep undergarments on. It’s up to you. If you decide to remain clothed then wear comfortable clothing like sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Before undressing I will instruct you to lie on your back, stomach, or side and cover yourself with the linens provided and wait for me to knock on the door. I will be in the reception area washing and sanitizing my hands and arms before the massage.

There will be soft lighting and soothing music playing while you are under soft linens on a padded massage table which can be heated to your preference. There will always be a sheet that covers you to ensure your privacy. The only part being uncovered is the body part which is being worked on at the time.

Throughout the session I will ask you if the pressure is okay or needs to be deeper or lighter. I have Bluetooth speakers and am always open to listening to your own music playlist if you bring it in on your phone.

I will let you know when the massage is over and leave the room while you get dressed. When you’re ready I will offer water and self-care advice and take payment.

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